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Gloss Garage  Horse Hair Upholstery Piping Brush

Gloss Garage Horse Hair Upholstery Piping Brush

Gloss Garage

  • $499

The Upholstery Piping Brush is a perfect brush for those delicate interior surfaces that need that extra bit of care. It's specially designed for the stitching or piping on leather seats but it also works great on synthetic leather, coated leather, cloth upholstery, polished chrome, wood or plastic panels, etc. Virtually any delicate surface that has stains or debris build ups can be cleaned with this brush safely. Other bristles can be too stiff or coarse and cause fine scratches. This Upholstery Piping Brush features an ergonomic polypropylene handle and it is packed with staple set 3/4" long horse hair bristles. The natural horse hair will make quick work of contamination, while being gentle enough to not damage the surface you are working on. If you are looking for an easy to handle and gentle brush for those sensitive areas, the DI Upholstery Piping Brush is a great choice!

  • Great brush for delicate interior surfaces
  • Works great on piping, upholstery, leather, chrome, etc.
  • Features staple set 3/4" hose hair bristles
  • Sized right to get into difficult to reach locations
  • Easy to handle and very durable!


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