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ATLASTA Soft Tip Brush

ATLASTA Soft Tip Brush


  • $2400

The ATLASTA Soft Tip Brush is a versatile tool that you can use for various cleaning jobs! The innovative bullet-shaped tip is made of soft, tapered polyester filament that won't scratch the delicate surfaces around your car. It will hold it's original shape as the bristles have an incredible ability to flex while in use but remain rigid in their original shape afterward. Other brushes will often fade and lose their original shape but this one will truly last. This high quality brush measures 9.75" at a weight of 4.3 oz, and it will hold it's shape in both water and cleaning solutions. It works great on not only the exterior of your car and wheels but also the interior as well. Use this brush in between spokes, around lug nuts, rivets, lips, emblem, grill, seams, vinyl trim, bumpers, etc. For the interior use it to remove dust from areas such as the vents, shifter knob, buttons, console, trim pieces, seats and so much more. Pick up the ATLASTA Soft Tip today and keep the various nooks and crannies on your car clean!

  • Versatile brush can be used on your interior or exterior surfaces!
  • Packed with soft filament bristles that hold their shape
  • 9.75" long with a weight of 4.3 oz
  • Amazing brush for wheels!
  • Professional Grade, High Quality Multi Tasking Brush built to last.
  • Item #: ATL001

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