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4" Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad

4" Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad

Lake Country

  • $875

4" Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad

Smooth Faced Foam Polishing Pad with Hook and Loop Backing, 1.25" Thick

The Orange Light Cutting Pad is perfect for applying medium cutting polishes and compounds that reduce and eliminate swirls and fine scratches. The Lake Country Orange Cutting Pad is a special blend of foam that allows abrasive polishes to work deep into the clear coat's surface, delivering highly effective cutting power. The extra cutting power this pad provides is essential to removing the swirls and fine scratches, but is very safe. This pad helps you build optimal levels of heat and pressure to properly break down and work in a polish. Typically you will follow up this polish and pad with a lighter polish and pad combination. Using a lighter polish and pad after helps ensure there is no haze left on the surface and you get maximum gloss. This entire process is quite safe and a standard detailing process for improving the optical clarity of your clear coat. After completing this process you will allow more light to pass through the clear coat and increase the brightness of your paint. Using the light cutting pad is a great way to begin a detail and create the most dramatic results.

  • A light cutting pad designed to remove moderate swirls and scratches with a medium polish
  • Works great with the Menzerna Super Intensive Polish SI 1500 and the Meguiar's Ultra Cut Compound M 105
  • We recommend caring for your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner
  • Generally we recommend following up with a lighter pad and polish after

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