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4" Lake Country Pink Very Light Cutting Pad

4" Lake Country Pink Very Light Cutting Pad

Lake Country

  • $875

4" Lake Country Pink Very Light Cutting Pad

Smooth Face Foam Polishing Pad with Hook and Loop  Backing 1.25" Thick.

Lake Country's Pink Very Light Cutting Pad is great to use with any light or medium polish. This pad is slightly more aggressive than the Lake Country White Polishing Pad and slightly less aggressive than the Lake Country Orange Light Cuuting Pad. It does a great job of working in the polishes and safely removing surface imperfections like swirls, oxidation, etc. This pads ability to build up just the right amount of heat and pressure on the surface makes it an ideal selection for polishing. Just apply a few small drops of your favorite light or medium polish and you'll absolutely love the way this pad carefully works it in to the surface and reveals a deep shine.

*Please Note* Lake Country replaced one of their green pads with this pink pad. Previously they had two different green pads, the pink pad replaces the more aggressive green pad we used to carry here at Gloss Garage.

  • A very popular polishing pad designed to remove light surface imperfections
  • When you need a tad more power than a white polishing pad, the pink pad is your answer
  • Menzerna Power Finish PF 2500 polish is one of the most popular products to use with this pad
  • We recommend caring for your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner
  • Lake Country had two unique green pads, but replaced it's more aggressive one with this pink pad.

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