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4"LAKE COUNTRY CCS Green All in One 4" Polishing Pad

4"LAKE COUNTRY CCS Green All in One 4" Polishing Pad

Lake Country

  • $899

LAKE COUNTRY CCS Green All in One 4" Polishing Pad

Use this foam to apply one-step cleaner waxes. It is a balance of polishing and finishing that is perfect for all-in-one product application.


Lake Country’s CCS 4 inch Foam Pads are flat full contact buffing pads that work with your circular polisher, dual-action polisher or even an electric drill to correct problem areas in automotive paint more easily than ever before.

The smaller polishing surface means you’re only attacking the blemish, not the surrounding paint. Scratches and oxidation often occur in particular spots on your vehicle. Rarely is your whole vehicle covered in blemishes. If the majority of your vehicle looks like new, there’s no need to compound the whole thing. In fact you might cause swirls if you use an overly abrasive pad on perfectly good paint. With Spot Buffs, you are only addressing the problem, not creating new ones.

CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure. The face of a CCS pad is covered in strategically placed pockets. These pockets are locations where the foam cells have been closed. Polish does not absorb into these closed cell pockets, leaving more product on the pad's surface and on the paint. This polish-saving design gives polishes a longer working time, which results in more successful detailing.

All pads feature Velcro® brand hook & loop fasteners to secure the pad to the backing plate.

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