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5.5" Lake Country Black Finishing Pad

5.5" Lake Country Black Finishing Pad

Lake Country

  • $1199

5.5" Lake Country Black Finishing Pad

Flat Smooth Faced Foam Finishing Pad with Hook and Loop Backing. 7/8" Thick.

The Lake Country Black Finishing Pad can be used when applying light polishes, finishing polishes, chemical polishes, paint cleansers, All In One (AIO), glazes, sealants and liquid waxes. The Black Finishing Pad is often used with Menzerna Micro Polish SF 4500 if you want to jewel the paint. This pad is very soft and can evenly distribute the exact right amount of product needed for an amazing gloss and shine. Therefore it's also commonly used to apply your favorite AIO, sealant or liquid wax. The Black Finishing Pad is extremely gentle and easy to use so you get great results in less time. It has enough power to work the product in while providing maximum gloss at the same time. This pad is also sometimes referred to as the Lake Country Gray Pad or Grey Pad.

  • A finishing pad is designed to bring the paint to its maximum depth and gloss when combined with a finishing polish
  • Used to apply a light polish, finishing polish, glaze, sealant or liquid wax
  • Menzerna Micro Finish Polish SF 4500 is one of the most popular polishes to use with a black finishing pad
  • We recommend cleaning your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner

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