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NanoSkin Glide Clay Lubricant & Detail Spray Concentrate (16 oz)

NanoSkin Glide Clay Lubricant & Detail Spray Concentrate (16 oz)


  • $1699

NanoSkin Glide is a key component in the Nano Skin Auto Scrub process and a great quick detailer by itself. Glide not only provides adequate lubrication for the AutoScrub Pads, but it also helps to removes minor contaminants safely, like dust, dirt, fingerprints, bugs, and more! Mist a generous amount of Glide onto the surface and use the AutoScrub Pads to buff off the contaminants with ease. This process will deep clean your finish similar to what a clay bar can do but so much faster. When you are done wipe the surface with a clean Microfiber towel to remove excess product and you'll have a clean surface with a great shine. Glide dries clear so you can use it on your glass, chrome, plastic, and trim for a quick cleaning and added shine. Don't forget you can use the NanoSkin Glide as a quick detailer as well so mist it on your paint and wipe with a clean microfiber towel for quick cleanings. The Glide is an incredible value as it can be diluted 7:1 (water:Glide) when used in combination with the AutoScrub Pads, otherwise use it at 10:1 (water:Glide) as a clay lube or quick detailer. Therefore one 16 ounce bottle will create a minimum of one 128 ounces. So if you want a great deal on a high quality product the Glide is a great choice!


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