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Car Pro Iron X Iron Remover Lemon Scent 500ml

Car Pro Iron X Iron Remover Lemon Scent 500ml

Car Pro

  • $2699

CAR PRO Iron X Iron Remover may be the most effective exterior cleaner on the market today. With one quick treatment you can remove the vast majority of contaminants on your vehicles surface with a minimal of effort. This gentle pH neutral formula is very effective at removing built up contaminants on your paint. It will remove crud you cant even see. Use this before claying your vehicle and it will remove up to 80% of contaminants saving your clay and saving you time and effort.

Wash the car first to remove loose particles then mist onto vehicle, wait five minutes and wipe area down with a damp sponge and you will see the product turn to a deep red colour. After that you can remove it with a damp cloth or simply rinse the car thoroughly and you are done.

This product smells absolutely awfull but it works absolutely Awesome!

Do not let this product dry on your vehicle, do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. We recommend wearing rubber gloves when working with IronX and wash your hands after use.

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