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Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer (1 oz)

Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer (1 oz)

Solution Finish

  • $2150

Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer (1oz Bottle, treats up to three cars)

Solution Finish is an innovative new product that will restore your black plastic and vinyl instantly! With Solution Finish originally black surfaces will be restored to a deep, rich, black finish, without the "wet look." This unique formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular, long-lasting, black, protective finish. Formulated for professional use, both the professional and enthusiast will appreciation the silicone-free formula that uses all natural oils and is VOC compliant.

Solution Finish, created by professionals for professionals – you will not find Solution Finish in your local retail outlet! Solution Finish is formulated using only the finest ingredients that one does not usually find in mass-produced, over-the-counter products. We know that professional detailers need the very best products that are fast, easy to use, and get outstanding results, and Solution Finish does just that!

Solution Finish dries quickly with no greasy residue and is ideal for restoring, conditioning, and protecting any originally black surface, such as:

  • Bumpers, pads and trim
  • Mirrors
  • Mud flaps
  • Window trim
  • Seals
  • Running boards
  • Truck bed caps and covers
  • Handles and wiper blades
  • If it black plastic or vinyl and oxidizes, Solution Finish can restore it!

    Solution Finish was developed for application on black plastic or vinyl. You will find that Solution Finish will make it look better than new! Solution Finish does not simply restore black surfaces - it gives them a rich, dark finish. You will find that after using Solution Finish, your treated surfaces will feel clean, not greasy. This is a perfect feature for door handles and running boards!

    Solution Finish application recommendations:

  • For best results, apply to a clean, cool surface in the shade; make sure to wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Shake bottle well and apply a small amount to applicator pad or microfiber sponge.
  • Solution Finish will stain clothing and skin.
  • Do not use on painted or glass surfaces; wipe off immediately with a clean applicator pad, terry cloth or microfiber towel if solution gets on these areas.
  • Spread a thin coat over area in an even motion, covering area completely.
  • Allow solution to penetrate for 1-2 minutes.
  • Use a clean microfiber sponge or foam pad to buff off excess and wipe off glass and paint (will stain unsealed paint).
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • For best results after using Solution Finish, do not wash treated area for at least 4 hours.
  • Store Solution Finish in a dry, cool place away from heat or flame; keep bottles tightly closed when not in use.
  • Applicator pads can be reused if stored in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Admire the results!

    * 1 ounce treats up to 3 vehicles.

    Note: Use Solution Finish only as intended. Satisfaction guaranteed when used as directed. Manufacturer’s liability limited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion and proof of purchase.

    Solution Finish has been through countless comparison tests and it has proven to be extremely effective on plastics and vinyl. You will be amazed at the professional results found with Solution Finish!

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