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Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Gun

Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Gun


  • $9499

The large quarter gallon Foamaster II provides a generous lather of suds over your entire vehicle with ease. This new and exciting product helps you wash your vehicle more efficiently and with less risk of harming the paint. Pour in a small amount of your favorite shampoo and connect the Foamaster II to the end of your hose. The Foamaster II mixes the desired amount of water with shampoo for the perfect amount of suds to coat your vehicle, or adjust the settings to spray just water. Then simply squeeze the trigger and lather your vehicle with a thick spray of suds. Spray a solid stream of suds on a specific area or mist it on depending on your preference. Using the Foamaster II allows you to quickly spread a rich lather of suds over your entire vehicle. This saves you time but also is much safer than traditional washings. Using a shampoo and bucket requires you to spread the shampoo over the paint, which could potentially grind in contaminants. The Foamaster II (model no 95QGFMR) applies shampoo over the entire vehicle and starts breaking up contaminants before you even start washing. This means less scrubbing and less risks of grinding in contaminants and adding swirls to the paint. This extremely durable and well built tool will help take your detailing to the next level, try the Foamaster II today!

  • Helps minimize the addition of new imperfections by softening and separating contaminants before using your mitt
  • Pre-soak your car with a layer of sudsy shampoo instead of using your mitt on dry paint
  • Helps get shampoo in those hard to reach areas, such as in the wheel wells and engine bay
  • Change the dilution ratio with the spin of a dial on the Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Gun

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