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Grit Guard Washboard

Grit Guard Washboard

gloss garage

  • $1750

Grit Guard Washboard

The Grit Guard Washboard will help you release dirt and grime from your wash media easier than before! Grit Guard is calling the Washboard the "wingman" to the Grit Guard Insert, and rightfully so. The already extremely popular Grit Guard allows you to separate dirt and grime from your wash media, which greatly reduces the risk of adding any scratches or imperfections into the paint during the wash processes. The Washboard will attach to the Grit Guard Insert you are already using, allowing you to agitate your wash media against it. This gives you an added surface to rub your mitt, sponge, or brushes against to remove dirt and grime from. As this contamination is being removed it will fall to the bottom of the bucket and settle underneath the Grit Guard. Since it is also taller and higher up in the bucket compared to the Grit Guard Insert, the Washboard will help you remove contamination without agitating the contamination that you already removed and that is sitting on the bottom of the bucket. The Washboard will fit in a 3.5 gallon or a 5 gallon wash bucket. If you are looking to help prevent washing induced imperfections, pick up the Grit Guard Washboard today!

  • Cleans your wash mitt, sponge, brushes, etc.
  • Helps prevent swirls and scratches while washing
  • Attaches to your Grit Guard
  • Works great in 5 gallon and 3.5 gallon buckets

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