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SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 1000ml (33.8 FL OZ)

SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 1000ml (33.8 FL OZ)


  • $5999

SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste is for professional users in paint shops and for used car restoration. For application with polishing machines with regulated rotational speed. Removes dust occlusions, paint overspray and sanding marks. Ideal for restoring weathered and scratched paintwork. High abrasive effect (cut), with simultaneous moderate shine effect. Silicone-free.

SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 5/4 is an ideal compounding polish that can remove noticeable imperfections while leaving minimal haze! You can use this product to remove medium to heavy imperfections (swirls, fine scratches, oxidation, deep watermarks, etc.) so the surface is smoother and more optically clear. It will also help safely and easily remove occluded dust, paint over spray, and sanding imperfections in even the worst paint conditions. This polish is ideal for the reviving of faded daily drivers or those needing help after bodywork. Even though this product has impressive polishing power it still finishes down like fine to medium polish leaving minimal haze behind. The Profiline Fine Abrasive Polish 5/4 is totally safe to use on any paintwork and it is low-dusting, making for an extremely easy clean-up! You can apply this polish with many different pads but the SONAX Yellow Polishing Pad and the SONAX Lambskin Polishing Pad are two popular choices. With a good pad and buffer this polish is an easy way to make your paint look like new again so you fall back in love with your car. Pick up the SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Polish and stop looking at those ugly swirls for good!

We recommend following up with a finer pad and polish combo afterward like the SONAX Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 and a SONAX Grey (Soft) Polishing Pad or equivalent. This will help remove more ultra fine imperfections and provide maximum gloss and optical clarity.

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