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3 M Automotive Performance Masking Tape - 18mm

3 M Automotive Performance Masking Tape - 18mm

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  • $598

The paint safe 3M Automotive Performance Masking Tape is perfect for protecting your paint, trim, emblems, lights, rubber moldings and so much more. While using any polish, glaze, sealant or wax you risk permanently staining the trim if you are not careful. Simply put the tape around any area you want to protect and you can detail with confidence and know your trim is protected. It ensures you can get right to the edges with your buffer or hand application for a more thorough job while working much faster. It applies easy and removes extremely easy, leaving no sticky residue behind. Stained trim can really make even the nicest cars look ugly. Protect your trim pieces quickly and effectively with the 3M Automotive Performance Masking Tape.
18 mm x 32 m (Approximately .71 inches x 105 feet)

  • Properly protect paint, trim, emblems, lights, adjacent panels and more when using a buffer
  • Very high quality tape, perfect for auto detailing
  • Instantly sticks on surfaces and releases without any residue left behind
  • Ensures you don't get the dreaded white stain on your trim