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5.5" Lake Country White Polishing Pad

5.5" Lake Country White Polishing Pad

Lake Country

  • $999

5.5" Lake Country White Polishing Pad

Smooth, Flat Face Foam Buffing Pad with Hook and Loop Backin. 7/8 " Thick.

The Lake Country White Polishing Pad is a great buffing pad that can apply polishes, paint cleansers, glazes, sealants, waxes, All in One (AIO) products and more. Its ideal application is probably for light polishes that need good pressure to be broken down and worked in properly. The White Polishing Pad gives you a great balance of polishing power that works the product well into the surface but also is gentle enough that it won't leave any hazing or marring. This pad is one of the best all around pads on the market and gets fantastic results each time. Use this versatile pad today and take your detailing to the next level.

  • Helps safely remove minor surface imperfections such as very fine swirls, oxidation, etc.
  • Menzerna SF 4000 and the Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish M205, are very popular with a white pad
  • We recommend cleaning and caring for your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner


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