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5.5" Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad

5.5" Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad

Lake Country

  • $1199

5.5" Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad

Smooth Flat Face Foam Polishing Pad with Hook and Loop Backing 7/8 " Thick.

For deeper scratches and swirls you may need a pad with more cutting power than an orange light cutting pad or other less aggressive options. This pad is Lake Country's firmest foam pad designed to work with any standard backing plate. We recommend using this pad after you have exhausted your polishing possibilities with less aggressive polishes and pads. Use the yellow cutting pad with a compound or heavy cutting polish for deep polishing power. This pad is designed to give you maximum cutting power so you can remove deep imperfections which will leave the surface with a light haze. This haze is to be expected and can be removed with lighter pads and polishing combo. The Lake Country Yellow Cutting Pad is a great pad to help restore your paint to a brilliant shine, but only use it as needed.

  • The most aggressive foam cutting pad, designed to remove the deepest swirls and scratches
  • Medium to heavy cutting polishes work great with a yellow cutting pad
  • We recommend caring for your pads with Lake Country Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner
  • You need to follow up with a lighter pad and polish combo afterward to remove haze on the surface


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