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6.5" Lake Country  Blue Finessing   CCS  Foam Pad (6.5 Inch)

6.5" Lake Country Blue Finessing CCS Foam Pad (6.5 Inch)

Lake Country

  • $1650

Lake Country  Blue Finessing   CCS  Foam Pad (6.5 Inch)

CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure. CCS Technology is Lake Country’s innovative pad design that saves product by controlling product release onto the work surface. Dozens of dimples in the foam collect excess polish and reserve it until it is needed on the pad’s face (the area that is in contact with the paint). This design prolongs your working time and reduces product waste.

CCS Smart Pads™ work on every type of paint, from conventional clear coats to the harder, scratch-resistant clear coats used by Mercedes Benz and the Ford Motor Company. Lake Country's range of foam compositions, combined with the right chemicals provides you with a prescription to correct almost any paint imperfection on any paint finish.

Blue Low Profile Finessing 6.5 Foam Pad – Flat pad has soft composition for applying glaze, finishing polish, sealants, and liquid waxes. Flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user.

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