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Gloss Garage 10 Pack Wet / Dry Sanding Disc #1200 (6")

Gloss Garage 10 Pack Wet / Dry Sanding Disc #1200 (6")

Gloss Garage

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Gloss Garage Solid Black Carbon Wet / Dry Sanding Disc #1200 (6")

Quantity of 10 To a Package

The Gloss Garage Six Inch Hook and Loop  Solid Black Carbon Wet / Dry Sanding Disc #1500 Grit is a High Quality alternative to the Big Name brands! Made in the EURO Zone these Finishing Disc's make removing fine imperfections from your paint fast and easy! It can help you remove scratches, water marks, bird droppings, orange peel from the paint or restore oxidized and faded headlights. These ultra fine sanding pads are very user friendly as they help quickly remove blemishes with little effort and bare minimal haze, if any at all. Simply attach a Meguiar's Foam Sanding Interface (6")  to your buffer and the hook and loop backing on your Gloss Garage Finishing Disc will secure the pad to the interface. Spray the Finishing Disc and the area you want to sand with some water. On a lower speed setting using minimal pressure buff away the imperfections just like you would with a polish. We recommend checking your work and cleaning the pad frequently. To clean the pad spray the pad with some water and run your finger or a clean microfiber along this pad to remove any residue, it's that simple! We always recommend starting with the least aggressive sanding pad and working your way up to the more aggressive pads as needed. If you are looking for an easy way to remove noticeable imperfections from your paint, look no further then the Gloss Garage Fine Finishing Disc's!

  • Safely and easily remove deeper scratches and imperfections from your paint
  • Spray the surface with water for lubrication
  • Clean the pad frequently with water while sanding
  • Start with the less aggressive pads and move up as needed

For experienced users only. This product can cat through paint down to bare metal if used incorrectly.

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