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Gloss Garage Pro Terry Cloth Cotton Bonnet 5-6" (2 Pack)

Gloss Garage

  • $475

Gloss Garage Professional Terry Cloth Cotton Bonnet  (2 Pack)

These bonnets are meant to fit over top of your  5" -  6" Inch Polishing pads and are ideal for wax and coating removal or finesse polishing and jeweling. Can also be used to machine apply wax.

The Gloss Garage Terry Bonnet with heavy duty elastic is designed to fit over five to six inch dry foam orbital buffing pads to perfect most surfaces where a deep high-gloss shine is needed. Fits most 5-inch to 6-inch inch Orbital Machine pads.

The 5-6 inch microfiber bonnet is durable and can be used to apply wax, polish and sealants. This soft Terry orbital pad is safe for all clear coat finishes allowing for easy application and or removal of car wax products. Save time and effort and achieve a high gloss finish.

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