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KROWN Salt Eliminator™

KROWN Salt Eliminator™


  • $995

 KROWN Salt Eliminator™
Target and remove harmful road salt build-up and stains.

Originally developed for professional applications on vehicles, this specialty product is being used by auto dealerships, body shops, car washes and automotive detailers from coast to coast. Eliminate salt stains like a pro with Salt Eliminator. 

Using Salt Eliminator is safe, easy and can save hours of scrubbing and clean-up. Simply shake the can well. Spray the area until it is thoroughly soaked. Allow the salt eliminating action to work for 10 seconds, then dab, wipe, brush or vacuum the area. 

Salt Eliminator™ Household Uses Include:

Winter coats and gloves, boots and shoes, water softener parts and tanks,
other clothing applications, vehicle interior and mats, garage door and tracks
snow blowers, snow shovels, kitchen tables when salt gets spilled on it
lawn tractors with plows, steps and decks, metal fencing, exterior plumbing and faucets, exterior light posts and wiring, boats and trailers, sea doos and other water craft, vehicle applications, snow mobiles and equipment, trailers, cross country ski bindings, metal sleds, strollers, salt water aquarium components, winter tires/rims before storage.

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