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Lake Country HD Orbital Orange Polishing (6 Inch)

Lake Country HD Orbital Orange Polishing (6 Inch)

Lake Country

  • $1898

Lake Country HD Orbital Orange Polishing (6 Inch)

(Designed for use on Long-Stroke machines such as Rupes and similar polisher. Pads are designed to disperse increased heat these machines create.)

The Lake Country HD Orbital Orange Cutting is the most versatile of all the HD Orbital Pads. It can remove anywhere from light to heavy imperfections, while leaving behind a great finish. The HD line of pads are perfectly balanced, cushioned, and feature thinner foam. This thinner foam reduces foam movement which will reduce heat (10% cooler) which can cause hazing and micro-marring while polishing. These pads are beveled at an angle and this design prevents pad "rolling", allowing the pad to stay flat on the surface. The open cell cooling chamber in the center of the pad is another great feature of this pad. It only helps keep the pad at cooler temps, however it needs to be paired with an open center backing plate (i.e. Rupes) to be effective. Closed center backing plate will negate the cooling chamber center which can lead to excess heat and delamination of the pads. The 6" pads are a perfect fit for 5" backing plates and the 7" pads fit great on 6" backing plates. Pair this Orange pad with your favorite compound to remove heavier imperfections, or even with your favorite

  • The most versatile LC HD Pad, remove imperfections while finishing down great!
  • Runs 10% cooler than traditional Lake Country pads
  • Perfectly balanced, cushioned, and features thinner foam
  • Pair with your favorite compound, or even your favorite polish!

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