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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil (8 Ounces)

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil (8 Ounces)


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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil (8 Ounces)

The Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil is designed to help condition your leather so it stays looking great for years to come. When leather looses some of it's natural properties it may become less flexible and dry. Leather that becomes dry can not stretch and flex as it should when passengers get in and out. This can lead to the leather cracking, wrinkling or becoming tattered. If you have faded, dry, tattered, dirty, discolored, cracked or otherwise imperfect leather than you need the Leatherique Rejuvenator. This amazing product gives your leather the deepest conditioning possible to restore leather not thought salvageable. The Rejuvenator restores leather by first using its unique capillary action to force proteins back into the leather while at the same time releasing contaminates that are embedded in the leather. The secret to the Rejuvenator's outstanding results is its unique formula, which uses a complex blend of animal proteins, collagens, and no fillers. This formula is great for restoring leather and for regular maintenance. Give your leather or leatherette the fine treatment it deserves with the Leatherique Rejuvenator. With regular treatments you can keep your leather soft yet durable. Leatherique recommend you use the Leatherique Prestine Clean after for best results.

  • Gloss Garage's best leather care product to restore neglected, faded, hardened leather
  • Restores oils and proteins that are naturally found in leather for a soft and supple feel
  • Works best when allowed to penetrate leather for up to 48 hours, ideally in the heat
  • Using a hair drier to heat up the leather surface allows for maximum penetration and best results
  • Apply Rejuvenator Oil by massaging the product into the leather with your bare hands
  • Must be removed by following up with Leatherique Prestine Clean


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