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Menzerna 3in1 Cut, Gloss & Wax (32 Ounce)

Menzerna 3in1 Cut, Gloss & Wax (32 Ounce)


  • $6250

Menzerna 3in1 Cut, Gloss & Wax (32 Ounce)

Looking to save valuable detailing time by combining multiple detailing steps? The Menzerna 3in1 Cut, Gloss & Wax will do just that! As the name implies this formula will polish the surface, enhance the gloss and protect it. Use the cutting power of the popular Power Finish PF 2500, 3in1 will allow you to polish away light to medium imperfections quickly and easy. This in turn will leave behind an amazing level of gloss, while finishing the paint down with the amount of clarity and gloss that we all strive for. If that wasn't enough, 3in1 will pair this corrective power with the protection of a high end wax. You will really enjoy the smooth slick feeling 3in1 leaves behind, allowing you to glide your microfiber towel across the paint with ease. We recommending applying this product by machine (Lake Country White Polishing Pad on a low speed setting) for best results. If you are looking for a polish that removes imperfections while leaving behind the gloss and protection of a carnauba wax, then the Menzerna 3in1 Cut, Gloss & Wax is for you.

  • An incredible one step polish and protection product!
  • Finishes down very well creating a glossy appearance
  • Excellent polishing power to remove swirls, oxidation, etc.
  • Leaves behind a great deal of gloss and carnauba wax protection
  • Works well with both Rotary and Dual Action / Orbital Buffers

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