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MENZERNA Intensive Polish IP 2000 (32 Ounce)

MENZERNA Intensive Polish IP 2000 (32 Ounce)


  • $4025

Imperfections in the clear coat are somewhat inevitable from normal driving conditions and care which cause the vehicle to show its age. In order to sustain or restore a bright and vibrant paint the clear coat protecting the paint must be free of embedded debris, swirls, scratches and oxidation. When light tries to pass through these surface imperfections it fragments in many different directions and reflects a dull shine. The micro abrasives that are used in the Menzerna Intensive Polish IP 2000 will buff your clear coat to help permanently remove surface imperfections safely. After using this polish the clear coat will now be more transparent, allowing more light to pass directly through, so you get the deepest reflection possible. This medium cutting polish is the step where you start to see serious results from your detailing efforts. Whenever you use a medium cutting polish we typically recommend you follow it up with a lighter polish and pad combination to ensure there is no haze and the surface has optimal gloss. Restore a great shine to your paint with the Menzerna Intensive polish today.

  • Medium cutting polish designed to remove moderate imperfections like swirls, oxidation, haze, etc. in the clear coat
  • Increases the shine and creates a smooth and glossy surface
  • The Intensive Polish IP 2000 is commonly applied with a buffer and a Orange Light Cutting Pad
  • We recommend you follow up this polish with a lighter pad and polish combination


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