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Menzerna SF 3800 Super Finish Plus 32oz

Menzerna SF 3800 Super Finish Plus 32oz


  • $6050

Menzerna's Super Finish Plus 3800 was formerly known as the Micro Polish SF 4500 but a new name and label have been brought in. Its effective on the newer and harder ceramic clear coats, but it also works extremely well on traditional clear coats. This outstanding nano polish was designed to finish down your paint for an ultra smooth finish at the microscopic level. You can use this product after more aggressive polishing to help remove any surface haze, light imperfections, etc. It is also totally safe to use on brand new OEM paint. It uses some of the smallest and smoothest cutting particles ever put in a polish for a remarkably clear finish. This process of burnishing or jeweling the paint will provide the greatest optical clarity possible in the clear coat, which is how you get the deepest reflection possible. Apply this polish with a buffer and a finishing pad (crimson, blue or black Lake Country Pad) for best results. Use the Menzerna's Super Finish Plus 3800 for amazing results so your paint is truly clean and vibrant and then apply your favorite glaze, sealant and wax afterward.


  • When you want the absolute maximum depth and gloss, finish your polishing with Super Finish Plus 3800
  • Works great alone or after correcting paint imperfections with more aggressive polishes
  • Easy to work with, with long work time and easy removal
  • Most commonly applied with a crimson, black or blue finishing pad
  • Contains NO silicone, wax or fillers

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