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Optimum Poli-Seal (32 oz)

Optimum Poli-Seal (32 oz)


  • $2299

Optimum has developed a new and revolutionary one step product which will enable detailers to clean, polish, perform light correction, AND seal the paint?.ALL IN ONE STEP!

I know you have seen other one step products that claim things similar to this, but how well do these one step products really work? Many have very limited correction capabilities to go along with very limited protection. They really dont do too much at all. However, what we have done with the Optimum Poli-Seal is make sure it has enough correction ability to remove fine swirl marks and scratches and give the paint surface enough protection to last for months!

This product falls in just below the level of aggression of the Optimum Polish and can be used either after the optimum polish or even after a light compounding step with the optimum compound. For detailers who prefer a wax product that can be buffed on, or applied by hand, we now have what we think is one of the BEST sealers out there, and to be able to remove light scratches and swirl marks is truly an added bonus!

Whats even better is that the Optimum Poli-Seal was formulated with the other great optimum products in mind. This product can be applied directly over the residue left by the Optimum polish or compound and there is no need to remove the residue that the polish or compound leaves behind before applying the Poli-seal. Poli-seal will absorb and remove most of the residue of the polish and leave the paint surface with a very thin film that will wipe off like butter! Not only will this save time and effort, but you are performing a final polish and sealing the paint, all at once.

Optimum Poli-Seal is the most unique and versatile all-in-one product ever introduced! This easy to use, zero dusting, buttery smooth formula is so much more than a typical one step product. The micro abrasives in the Optimum Poli-Seal will ensure light paint correction and not just the hiding of imperfections. It can be used as a light swirl mark remover, a final polish, and a true wax and sealant All in one step! This revolutionary product will eliminate (not hide) minor paint imperfections and blemishes while creating a perfect shine on all types of paint. The bonus is the protection will last for months! It can be used by hand, or with any type of buffer. This is not a miracle product, but simply a detailer friendly, easy to use, paint correction and sealant all in one. You will be able to literally fly through your final step with the Optimum Poli-Seal.

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