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Riccardo YELLOW Detailing Clay Bar (8 oz)

Riccardo YELLOW Detailing Clay Bar (8 oz)


  • $2199

Riccardo YELLOW Detailing Clay Bar is designed for vehicles that are new or well maintained. Use with a clay lubricant or Quick Detailer spray.

Gloss comes from smoothness so the cleaner the paint, the the more it will shine! Riccardo Yellow Detailing clay's unique elastic poly composition safely removes contaminants that are stuck to your vehicle. Contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap,tar, bugs and paint over spray are lifted by the friction of rubbing the bar across the lubed surface combined with the abrasives in the clay virtually sands off the contaminants. The tackiness of the clay bar holds those contaminants so they dont get re- introduced to the vehicles finish.

To determine if you vehicle needs to be clayed, use the old detailers trick of putting your hand in a clean sandwich bag and rubbing it over the cars surface. If it glides smoothly over the surface you are good. If there is roughness or snags it is time for clay.


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