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Rupes UHS Foam Polishing Pad 7 inch (150 - 180mm)


  • $2000

Rupes 7 inch UHS Easy Gloss Foam Polishing Pads combine the cutting ability of an aggressive foam pad with the finishing ability of a soft finishing pad. These highly engineered pads permanently remove paint defects without creating microscratches or hazing when used with UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound. UHS Easy Gloss Foam Polishing Pads are safe and effective on all paint types. 

Specially engineered to work with the Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound as part of a cohesive One Step Product Formulation. UHS Easy Gloss Foam Pads can be used with RUPES Zephir Coarse Compound, the new Quarz Medium Compound or Keramik Fine Polish.  When used with compounds other than Easy Gloss Polishing Compound, UHS Easy Gloss Foam Pads will cut more aggressively than our existing Green (Medium) Pad but might leave more microscratches. 

Fits 6 inch hook-and-loop (velcro) backing plates

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