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RUPES Ultrafine White Foam Polishing Pad  (80 /100mm  3"/ 4" In)

RUPES Ultrafine White Foam Polishing Pad (80 /100mm 3"/ 4" In)


  • $1450

RUPES Ultrafine Foam Polishing Pad (80 /100mm  3"/ 4" Inch)

This pad is made of a high intensity resin that gives the foam its special soft texture and fine cell structure.  It easily adapts to curves and contours of both sport and vintage cars.  Given its particular softness and conformability, it is especially effective in the finishing of high-gloss surfaces. We recommend using it in combination with the Diamond Compound to achieve a “show car” finish. 

The Rupes White Finishing Foam Pads are designed for removing ultra fine imperfections and finishing the paint down to perfection! All of Rupes pads are made with super durable open-cell foam that is designed to withstand the excessive wear of the Big Foot Polishers and their massive throw. This allows you to achieve great polishing results every time without having to worry about the durability of your pad! The white finishing pad features extremely soft foam that allows you to remove ultra light imperfections and finish the paint down with the deep gloss we all love! Simply pair it with your favourite finishing polish (i.e. Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish) and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can achieve a deep glossy finish! If you are looking for a durable foam pad to help you finish your paint down to perfection, pick up the Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad today!

  • Bring back that deep glossy finish safely and easy!
  • Removes ultra fine imperfections and finishes down extremely well
  • Pairs great with the  Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish 

Designed specifically for use with RUPES LHR 75 AND LHR75E MINI Polishers but fits standard 3" Inch hook and loop backing plates.



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