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Sonax CutMax  (1,000 ml)

Sonax CutMax (1,000 ml)


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Sonax CutMax. Yes it is New and Yes it is Amazing! Give it a Try! It will quickly become your "go to" compound.

The Sonax CutMax was designed to remove heavy imperfections while finishing down extremely well! The highly corrective paste formula helps remove up to 1500 sanding marks and other heavy imperfections from severely weathered paint with ease. CutMax is water-based which allows for an incredibly long working time and it will not dry out like other compounds. Simply Amazing! This means dust free polishing so you don't have to clean up that annoying dust! After application, simply wipe off the polished area with a clean microfiber towel and you're done. Even though you will have a great deal of gloss left behind, you still may need to follow up with a lighter polish. If this is the case, the Sonax EX 04-06 is a perfect follow up to remove the haze and finish the paint down. This unique polishing formula is solvent, silicone, and petroleum free, making it body shop safe. If you are looking for a great heavy cutting polish, the Sonax CutMax is a great choice!

  • Remove heavy imperfections while leaving behind a great deal of gloss!
  • Capable of removing 1500 sanding marks
  • Dust free formula for easy clean up
  • Water-based body shop safe formula
  • Does not stain Rubber and Trim


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