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Sonax Fallout Cleaner (500ml)

Sonax Fallout Cleaner (500ml)


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SONAX Fallout Cleaner is an outstanding cleaner you should use to deep clean the exterior paint. One quick treatment can remove the vast majority of contaminants on your vehicle's exterior surfaces with little to no work. This helps ensure you have a clean surface, saving you so much time with a clay bar so you can get better results from your polish, sealant or wax. To use it, mist it on the paint, wait 5 minutes, rinse off, it is that easy. Upon completion you'll be stunned at how much has been removed with so little effort. For heavier contamination you can agitate the surface with a clean sponge of microfiber towel before rinsing Fallout Cleaner away. This great product removes aggressive rust deposits and small rust spots from paintwork surfaces. It is suitable for removing industrial dust from paintwork and painted plastic surfaces and it cleans lime deposits, brake dust and other dirt from paintwork. Pick up the SONAX Fallout Cleaner and remove iron, brake dust, lime and other contamination quickly and easily!

  • Remarkably quick and effective cleaner for the exterior paint
  • Mist onto the exterior and watch it safely dissolve embedded iron deposits
  • Cleans lime deposits and other dirt from paintwork as well
  • Acid and solvent free formula, safe on all paintwork

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