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FLITZ Speed Waxx (473ml)

FLITZ Speed Waxx (473ml)


  • $1899

Flitz Speed Waxx (473ml) Spray Bottle

Flitz Speed Wax® is a premium-grade detailing spray that’s Perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need a super-fast super shine.
Made with Brazilian Carnauba, this remarkable spray-on, wipe-off wax product fills inswirls & hairline scratches. The product is water-based,environment friendly, no streak, no smear, and body shop safe. Leaves no white powdery residue.

Exceptional Performance on: Fiberglass, clearcoat & paint, all auto paints, marine finishes, powdercoat, Emron®, polyurethane, lacquer, plexiglass®, eisenglass, acrylics, plastics, polished aluminum, stainless steel, motor cycles, tool boxes. Safe on black plastic.

How To Use:
1) Shake Well

2) Spray On

3) Buff While Wet or Dry using a FLITZ Microfiber Cloth.

Do Not Apply In Direct Sunlight
Keep from Freezing

Buff with Flitz Microfiber Cloth or lint-free cloth.
Protects up to 2 months.
Results Guaranteed

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