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GLOSS GARAGE Trigger Spray Bottle (32 oz)

GLOSS GARAGE Trigger Spray Bottle (32 oz)

Gloss Garage

  • $399

GLOSS GARAGE Trigger Spray Bottle (32 oz)

This 32oz spray bottle is great for spraying virtually any product accurately and easily. Use this high quality 32oz spray bottle to apply virtually any liquid detailing or household product. This bottle allows you to order larger sizes and pour them into this convenient spray bottle so you can save lots on your favorite products. To save even more, order concentrated versions of your favorite products, such as: ONR, interior cleaners, wheel cleaners, degreasers, pre-wash treatments. Dilute these products in this convenient and easy to use spray bottle. The bottle will help you conserve more product and apply them more accurately so you only get product exactly where you want it. The 32oz spray bottles are great to have around and offer unlimited uses while detailing or around the house.


* Molded in Dilution Scale, Ounces and Mililitres to simplify mixing and dilution

* Adjustable Nozzle from wide mist to sharp stream

* 1.4 ml per stoke Spray Trigger with 9.25 Inch long Dip Tube that has a heavy duty strainer.

* Non Leaking Cap

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