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FLITZ Custom Wheel Restoration Kit

FLITZ Custom Wheel Restoration Kit


  • $6499

Flitz Custom Wheel Restoration Kit  - 

The safe, easy way to remove brake dust, dirt, oxidation, tarnish red clay, water & soap stains, mag chloride/salt corrosion.

Use on:
Uncoated aluminum or chrome for a brilliant mirror-like finish. Also safe for painted and clear-coated mag wheels. Safe on paint and plastic.

The Flitz Buff Ball won’t tear like foam. Fits any 3/8-inch drill or air tool. Buffs evenly–no low spots. Buffs at speeds up to 2,500 rpm. Self-cooling. Won’t scorch or burn clearcoat. Plus, the Ball is washable* and reusable.

* Washable Guaranteed ONLY when used exclusively with Flitz products.

Kit Contains: 1-Large Buff Ball (5" size),
1-Flitz Polish-Paste (1.76oz tube), 1-Speed Wax (1.7oz bottle)

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