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GLOSS GARAGE Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

GLOSS GARAGE Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

Gloss Garage

  • $199

Looking to clean your pads during or in-between uses? If so, the DI Brushes Foam Pad Cleaning Brush could be exactly what you are looking for! This brush helps safely break up and release excess product that can become trapped in the pad during use. The 8" contoured handle design keeps your hands safely away from the surface of the pad while cleaning. This allows you to comfortably clean your pads in less time. .75" nylon bristles are durable enough to last years, while still being soft enough to clean your pads safely. Use this brush with light pressure in multiple directions to help deep clean your pads. Cleaning your pads with this brush several times during and after your detail will help prolong the life of these pads and continue to keep them in ideal working condition!

  • Helps remove excess product trapped in your buffing pad
  • Safe on all foam pads and very easy to use
  • Helps prolong the life of pads and keep them in ideal working condition
  • 8" contorted handle and .75" nylon bristles

This brush is also useful for various interior cleaning tasks.

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