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Lake Country Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaner (1.25 oz)

Lake Country Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaner (1.25 oz)

Lake Country

  • $225

To keep your pads effective and lasting long they should be cleaned after each use with the Snappy Clean Boost all natural citrus cleaner. Snappy Clean will help break up excess product and release contaminates to the surface for removal. Put your pads in a bucket and fill the bucket with water and then just add the snappy clean mix. After about 15 minutes massage the pads as to break up and further release contaminates. After 10 minutes rinse off each pad thoroughly, wring them out and let them sun dry. One packet can be mixed with a 5-gallon bucket or use one half of a pack with 2.5 gallons. Clean pads will give you better results so take advantage of this simple and effective cleaner that saves you time and money. With regular cleanings the pads will work effectively over and over again.

  • A citrus degreaser designed to help release product and contamination from foam pads
  • Simply pour into a 5 gallon bucket of water and allow your foam pads and applicators to soak
  • To further the cleaning, massage the pads while soaking, rinse with pressured water, repeat


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