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Lake Country System 2000 Pad Washer

Lake Country System 2000 Pad Washer

Lake Country

  • $17499

Lake Country System 2000 Pad Washer

This the only all-inclusive pad washing system you can buy! Clean all types of polishing pads without hand-scrubbing or spurring.

For most detailers, clean-up is the only part of the detailing process that isn’t particularly enjoyable. If you’re the type of person that likes to polish by machine, why would you want to clean the pads by hand?!

The System 2000 Pad Washer is just for you. It’s an automated pad washer that uses the motion of your polisher to clean the pads. As the pad spins on the polisher, agitator wheels inside the unit turn and extract polishes and waxes from deep within the foam. There are 9 wheels in all and each wheel has teeth that spur the pad as its being cleaned. Every pad will come out clean and supple!

The System 2000 Pad Washer comes with a packet of Snappy Clean pad cleaning powder. It dissolves in water to make an excellent cleaner and degreaser right inside the bucket. This cleaning solution will help release products that are caked inside the pad as it spins on the agitators. Between this and the agitators, dirty pads don’t stand a chance.

The bonus feature of the system is that you can actually spin pads dry within the unit. The System 2000 is housed inside a 5 gallon bucket so sling off is fully contained inside the bucket. Once the pad is clean, lift the polisher so that the pad is out of the water. Continue running the polisher for 15 seconds to remove the majority of water.

The System 2000 Pad Washer is a clever approach to cleaning pads. It consists of a bucket, a lid, and an interior pad cleaning plate. The plate is part of a large structure that simply holds the plate up at the correct level. This plate houses the 9 agitator wheels.

The lid of the System 2000 has two covers that close around the polisher to keep all the sling-off inside the unit. All the parts are made of heavy duty plastic held together with stainless steel screws. The bucket is just the catch pan for all of the residue that comes out of the pads. The entire unit can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

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