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Plastic Razor Blade (10 Pack)

Plastic Razor Blade (10 Pack)

Gloss Garage

  • $325

Gloss Garage Plastic Razor Blade (10 Pack) Gloss Garage plastic razor blades are the perfect tool to safely remove contaminants without running the risk of scratching or marring the surface like a traditional razor blade! Use them to remove registration stickers from your windshield, license plate stickers, decals from tinted or non tinted windows, etc. You can even use these razor plates to help you debadge a car without scratching the paint! These plastic razor blades will fit all standard razor blade holders, or you can use them by hand. They are also notched and single edged, making them very user friendly and highly effective. Don't run the risk of scratching and marring your vehicle with regular metal razor blades, instead pick up a plastic razor blade today! Perfect to use on windows! Fits all standard razor blade holders Single edged design Quickly remove inspection stickers and registration stickers!

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